Dr. Kajori Parial
Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Geo-Informatics
Area of Interest

Geospatial Sciences with emphasis on its application in Environmental Management and achieving the SDGs, GIS Customization, WebGIS, Geospatial AI, ML and DL.



I am a geospatial researcher with a multidisciplinary academic background. My passion is the application of earth observation data for environmental management. For the past 13+ years, I have been dedicated to exploring ways and means for applying earth observation data for environmental management by using advanced Geoinformatics. For this, I am engaged in finding new methods and innovative approaches to address complex challenges in the domain of natural hazards and anthropogenic hazards like different types of pollution and their impact on human beings as well as ecosystem health. By leveraging my expertise in geoinformatics, machine learning, and environmental science as well as in various geophysical techniques like electrical resistivity, radiological studies and geochemical experiments including radiochemistry, I strive to provide meaningful insights for decision-making that can help us create sustainable future.